"An undsicovered brilliant vocalist."
The Ventura County Reporter

"Theatrical pop songstress who blends the warmth of indie folk with polished cinematic grandeur,
and then sprinkles a little fairy dust on top for good measure. Her voice just happens to be pretty amazing, too."

North Star Media

"Beautiful & harrowing video set to a gorgeous song."

"Tall Like the Tree is a polished, mature pop album that deserves to be more widely heard, and in an era saturated with pop singers in many guises, Delaney Gibson’s combination of power, grace, humor, and hooks would make her a force to be reckoned with."
The Rainbow Hub

"If this record doesn’t bring Gibson to the forefront of the singer-songwriter circuit, the genre should be re-examined —
songs like these with a voice like hers are rare."

The Ventura County Reporter

"It's like Beyonce takes Broadway!"
Reverbnation Review

"California singer/saongwriter blows those cobwebs away with songs like La Di Da - a promising collection."
Maverick Magazine, UK

“Delaney Gibson is standing on the porch of a long lasting, successful career... her fantastic songwriting skills, as well as her vocal performance will be heartily welcomed by true music fans. ‘Forget Me Nots?’ is her request, you bet we won’t.”
Roots Time Music, Belgium

"She can write a catchy hook like the best of them and proof of this talent plays out in every note."
The San Diego Troubadour

"Meticulously stitched together from memories and milestones, Tall Like the Tree finds Delaney Gibson once again exploring love's inescapable gravity. Gibson's voice entrances, whether lilting and flirtatious or commanding and soaring, standing front and center against brilliant orchestrations to make for a mesmerizing album beginning to end."
Wesley Bauman, Project Poppycock

"A torch singer with bite…she will have you laughing, crying and singing along when you least expect it."
Radio Ojai

"Delaney Gibson is emerging as an excellent singer-songwriter."
Muziekvenster, Dutch Magazine

"Gibson has a set of chops that border on country crooner. (Think about mixing Christina Aguilera’s chops and Jenny Lewis’s bashfully endearing delivery and you get the idea.) A blend of piano based pop and sultry edginess makes Delaney Gibson the real deal.”
The Santa Barbara Independent

"Delaney Gibson's songs turn lots of musical corners and sharp edges, that go into your ears very comfortably, keeping away from the mainstream and bleak future of music, and definitely makes you hungry for more - A strongly recommended album!"
Michael Masuch / Hooked On Music

"Delaney Gibson has hit it out of the park on her second album, “Hurricanes and Forget-Me-Nots!"
Ventura County Star

"Gibson's sweet and soaring vocals strike deeper, more soulfully than ever before. She exudes sensuality and purpose,
and proves to us yet again of her melody making genius."

The San Diego Troubadour

"Sure, female artists who write their own music are nothing new but, there is something that sets GIBSON apart from the rest...
sheer musicality coupled with her unforgettable song craft."

Brian Lush, Rock Wired

"Solid songwriting, hook-filled choruses and tasteful harmonies."
Radio Indy

"Her voice is indescribably expressive and rich with a range that goes from throaty growl to sublime soaring ecstasy. Add to that her sizeable talent as a songwriter and you've got a great album."
Muses Muse

"With a beautiful voice that is both lingering and compelling, is a girl armed with some gorgeous songs."
Maverick Magazine, UK

"There isn't a song on this album that lacks an industry-hungry hook and the overall production and musicianship is of star quality."
The San Diego Troubadour

"A singer and pianist with a powerful voice. Her album is a polished and accomplished effort."
Collected Sounds Blog

"The performances are magical in their perfection, and the songs sound as if they were born
out of the inner circle of Nashville's elite songwriting circuit."

The San Diego Troubadour

"Unique style, intelligent lyrics, and astonishing voice.”
San Diego Women's Magazine